The Healing of Individuals, Families & Nations (Trans-Generational Healing & Family Cons)

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The Healing of Individuals, Families & Nations

The same is true for soul woundings among whole groups when there has been genocide and ongoing acts of oppression, discrimination and violence. Many well-known shamanic writers and practitioners have extensively discussed this topic. In essence, we enter into a form of awareness in which we move and act within a space-time continuum, the LUC, which is holographic, noncausal and nonlinear.

It is important to note here that accessing information through means of entering into altered states has always been a part of our collective, human inheritance. More recently, Native American medicine people have been a source of information about this capability and its use in service of understanding the state, condition and contributions of the non-human domains to the planet plants, animals, weather, etc. My ancestors were all taught how to have sacred dreams. In these dreams all kinds of strange and beautiful things would happen, things that never could take place in ordinary life….

I should tell you that I call my dreaming by another name. If we are a person who dreams regularly, we would recognize in part what this feels like: the rules of the physical world do not apply. We can experience past, present and future simultaneously.

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A person might not be beautiful on the outside, but will be a beautiful person on the inside. And when we serve as bones for Wakan-Tanka and the Helpers, we learn to see things in a new and magical light, to look at people and situations in different ways. I will speak in a later blog in this series about the shamanic understanding of spirits, powers and helpers.

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  6. I can feel and see things most others miss. Harner talks about ways to activate SCC—through rhythmic sound drumming, rattling. Many cultures have also used sacred plant medicines, such as Ayahuasca or San Pedro. Psychics, or intuitive readers will use tea leaves, cards, automatic writing, and other tools to bypass ordinary perception and enter into the dream state known in shamanic circles as journeying.

    A healing practitioner may come to the table with an affinity with a particular domain of consciousness. For instance, someone may feel a strong connection with the consciousness of plants or animals. I myself have had a strong affinity with tapping into the DM of trauma and violence.

    Cape Town – Systemic Constellations Association of South Africa

    No matter what our proclivity, to become an effective practitioner in service of healing, we must find or learn a map of the imaginal domains with which we seek to engage. It is also important that our own mind, emotions and energies are clear and balanced. We must know ourselves intimately and deeply in order to ensure that when we journey on behalf of another, we are not being buffeted about by our own fears, ego-driven agendas or unacknowledged emotions and beliefs.

    Or the information sought will be able to find us. It does not matter if it is one way or the other; the point is that as our energy follows intent, so intent will call in energy. For Fools Crow, steeped in the Lakota worldview and traditions, these connections mattered greatly and he actively invoked them for the work.

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    In my experience working with clients and students who come to the table with a variety of beliefs and values, from atheistic to Christian, or New Age to Muslim, what matters is the clear intention to help, to heal, to love. So, if we use whistling, art, tarot cards, drumming, incense, singing, praying, or any other way to bypass the rational mind and seek deeper knowledge—if we call on Jesus, Mother Earth, Angels, Buddhas, our Higher Self, God or any other being, or if we simply call on the goodness of love—all that matters is that we do our work with compassion and a clear intention to have a positive impact.

    This very positivist, materialist view of the rich range of human perception has shut out a large spectrum of awareness and consciousness through which human beings have for millennia accessed knowledge about themselves and the world. It also assumes that the symbolic dimension of human experience is of lesser importance than the concrete, physical domain. Such a worldview is deeply impoverishing and cuts us off from the potential to heal the deepest hurts held in the consciousness of humanity and the planet, as a whole.

    In the western shamanic worldview, the imaginal is as real, tangible and relevant as anything in physical reality and even more so. It is alive, potent and meaningful. We deliberately enter into these states of awareness in order to gather information and to effect powerful change processes in the consciousness of a client.

    Practitioners have ways to ensure that such consent is assured not only on conscious levels, but on unconscious ones. This is built into the ethics of the practice. In this phase of journeying, my body works much like a tuning fork. These sense impressions then act as triggers opening up into a level of perception beyond and beneath the cognitive. I will then begin to get snippets of information through inner seeing, hearing, sensing, or intuitive knowing.

    Some of this may be personal to her life or may touch into other layers of the ROTCs. Hence, it is extremely important to make these connections as we enter into the deeper levels of her personal consciousness and thus into the ROTCs related to her childhood trauma and its symptoms in present-day conflict.

    I, too, am feeling and sensing what Mary is as I continue to swim in the stream of dark matter. I am also getting other information through inner seeing, hearing and knowing. At this point, I have Mary choose a stone from my medicine bundle, or mesa, which she feels most strongly drawn to as a healing ally. Once the stone is imprinted, the client lies down fully dressed on a massage table. I am not going to talk here in more detail about this dimension of shamanic energy medicine because I am focusing in this blog on journeying and the ROTCs.

    Often the client, too, is experiencing a great deal on all of these levels.

    Residential schools and the effects on Indigenous health and well-being in Canada—a scoping review

    This is the home of dark matter and where we engage with the ROTCs. Once Mary is on the table and I have cleared the surface manifestations of imbalance in her LB, I then start to rattle. However, as time went on and building on my prior training and research on trauma, the map I followed unfolded as the ROTCs. I feel fear. As I rattle, the scene I have already glimpsed emerges in greater relief. But what I see is not focused on the actions of the father, but of Mary cringing with her hands over her eyes.

    Her back is against a grey wall. These types of crystals are well-known for their ability to draw out constellated energy—the dark matter of trauma—out of the LB. Eventually, the crystal has done its work and the scene evaporates.

    I then visualize luminous cords shooting out further into the past and with my intention, I ask to be shown deeper imprints causing this current wounding. A story comes to me of the man taking out his frustration with his own abusive boss on his wife. I continue to use the Vogal crystal to extract these energies as I journey. At a certain point, I feel a shift in the energy. I am no longer seeing scenes of individuals, but sense a strong, magnetic pull on my crystal and my own feelings.

    I know at this moment that I have finally reached into the deepest stream of the ROTCs: I have gone beyond 1 or 2 generations and am pulling into the crystal the dark matter of domestic abuse going back hundreds of years like a great stream of darkness. I see fleeting images and feel many intense emotions felt by both victim and perpetrator: anger, fear, sadness, guilt, grief. I feel the stream intensify and deepen as I take a leap into the archetypal, collective experience of slavery and misogyny. Her breathing becomes more intense. Finally, I feel the dark stream dissipate.

    Eventually, there is a feeling of emptiness or stillness. I draw back the crystal, keep on rattling and wait. There is more work to be done from here which I will discuss in my next blog in the series. But for the purpose of wrapping up here, I will go to the debriefing with Mary. Violence and abuse within families, whether subtle or overt, is often shrouded in secrecy.

    Due to this secrecy, domestic violence is often long forgotten—considered a shameful memory to be forgotten as quickly as possible so that life can go on. It did not take much imagination to understand that with divorce being a very taboo and hence rare occurrence in the United States, it was likely the violence suffered by our female ancestor was severe.

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