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This is because they arrive here naturally from time to time on ocean currents rather than by human transportation. It is therefore illegal to kill or harass a sea snake, or possess one or any part of one without a permit.

Sea snakes and kraits are highly venomous but, as they are docile creatures, there is no record of anyone in New Zealand being bitten. Occurences of sea snakes and kraits are displayed in the Atlas of the amphibians and reptiles of New Zealand. Around 6 to 10 yellow-bellied sea snakes are sighted each year, mostly around the north east coast of the North Island, though they have been discovered as far south as Cook Strait.

There is no HONOR amongst SNAKES! Ricky exposes The JJ and Shirley 😂

Beached yellow-bellied sea snakes will almost certainly be dead or dying, as they are entirely pelagic they cannot live on land. They breed in the tropics and spend a large amount of their lives drifting on the ocean currents. They are not usually aggressive, but will often freeze when frightened and will strike in defense if threatened, contacted or interacted with. Workers are more likely to be bitten when they unknowingly step on or near a copperhead.

Snake Basics

Copperheads are often found in forests, rocky areas, swamps, or near sources of water like rivers. Early administration of antivenom results in faster limb recovery and reduced limb disability after copperhead snake envenomation. Cottonmouth snakes average 50—55 inches long. Juveniles have a bold cross-banded pattern of brown or orange with a yellow tail.


Cottonmouths are frequently found in or around water. Geographic Region: Wetland areas, rivers, lakes, etc. Other venomous snakes display warning coloration. These snakes are sometimes confused with nonvenomous king snakes, which have similar colored bands although in a different arrangement. Coral snakes tend to hide in leaf piles or burrow into the ground.

Snakes: Facts

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Geographic Region: Across the United States. Bush Copperheads vary in color from reddish to golden tan. Geographic Region: Eastern states, extending as far west as Texas.

Bush and Frederick S.