Mystery of the Island Jewels (Aladdin Mystery)

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Anyone know where I can get more food for her? This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate players.


Hi cane anyone tell me where to find pipe to Attach the still. How do I get him to move? Im trying to get Jep to cross the mud flats but cant figure out how. I read the walkthroughs , and still cant do it. You get a lot of points for putting boiling water in each clay vase and in each blue vase. You can only get total points and the game will not go any higher than that Enjoy playing the game and just have some fun. I am anxiously waiting for a 3rd game in the series. A Bouquet for Everyone Bloom!

Share flowers with the World Bloom! Daisy Pet Vet Dr. Hyde: The Strange Case Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets Dr.

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Magnus The Dreamatorium of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Weather Lord: Legendary Hero! Find your game forum. Search All Forums. Guest Sign in to join the discussions. Did the monkey Lenard steal it from you at the sawmill or after you were on the clifftop? If so, try getting past him on the clifftop by scaring him with either the snakeskin or green paint can. Jep then has to jump to the palm tree to rescue 1 item. To make sure my important stuff doesn't get stolen by him, I put it all in the place where an item goes when you first get it.

It's a pain but at least you don't lose 2 important items and are able to only get 1 back. Chaos, the spirit of surprise and anarchy, can't stand that and leaves to make their lives "more interesting". Shark Treatment En route to Agrabah, Aladdin and his bickering crew are attacked by the vengeful elemental Saleen and her octopus sidekick Armand. Shipwrecked and short fused, the arguing Genie and Iago don't even notice that Saleen's evil magic is turning Al into power struggle and pull together to save their Captain, who is now trying to eat them.

As a desperate measure, the Sultan does the Armor of Kileem. The armor gives him super strength, allowing the Sultan to handily defeat Dominus Tusk. But the armor also seems to be changing the Sultan. Aladdin returns to find the Sultan preparing to take control of the Seven stop the Sultan, at all costs! Dune Quixote Sadira puts a spell on Aladdin that has him hunting an imaginary dragon to rescue an imaginary princess.

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She and Jasmine team up to bring his imagination to life in order to break the spell, and become friends in the process. When Jasmine opens the box, they discover a nervous opossum-like creature living within. Iago is the first to discover that her new pet has a unique ability of making valuable objects appear whenever he becomes frightened. With greed getting the better of him, Iago steals the poor creature away intending to frighten an abundance of wealth out of him. Complications ensue when the creature escapes: it's up to Iago to rescue the pet when it falls into the into the hands of that no good Amin D'Amoola - - the worst thief in Agrabah.

Black Sand Iago and Abu think they've uncovered the fixin's for a royal banquet and are insulted they weren't invited, but it turns out they've stumbled across a deadly Mozenrath scheme to take control of Agrabah! The evil wizard is using enchanted Black Sand to abduct the palace residents and replace them with Mamluk zombie look-alikes, working his way closer and closer to the Sultan. When even Aladdin is captured, it's up to Iago and Abu to save the kingdom. The Animal Kingdom Aladdin, Genie, Abu, Iago and Carpet take a short cut on their way home form a spice gathering expedition and find themselves in an enchanted kingdom of talking animals!

Iago and Abu want to investigate a river dam made of jewels but before they can get to it, Aladdin rescues a young Koala bear from a dangerous precipice, injuring himself in the attempt.

Separated from his friends, Al finds himself captive, "on display" in this land where "man" is evil and dangerous! However, in the end it's Aladdin who realizes it was his own doing that set Genie in this state and he is only one capable of getting him back into the one Genie everyone knows and loves. Poor Iago Iago's greed nearly gets him killed, and he takes a vow of poverty. There's trouble aplenty as he starts giving away everyone's possessions, and winds up with Aladdin, the city's merchants, and the palace guards all chasing him. To make matters worse, Abis Mal and Haroud are also after him, having mistaken him for a legendary bird they believe can lead them to treasure.

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Iago is nearly killed again, and decides that if he's going to get smashed either way, he's rather be greedy. From Hippsodeth, With Love Hipposodeth, Queen of Galafem, as island of women warriors, has decided that her heart belongs to one man, the only man who ever defeated her in battle, the Sultan of Agrabah. But when she sends a love letter to the Sultan asking for a date, Jasmine fears it is really a Galafem plot for revenge. She decides to take matters into her own hands and with the help of Aladdin, Genie, Iago, and Abu, the princess manages to make a real mess.

Vocal Hero After getting caught tricking the Sultan out of gold and jewels to quench his thirst for greed, Iago is kicked out of the palace and has to prove his worth by becoming a hero to get back in. Anxious to do a good job, Aladdin is overly sensitive to the criticisms of Rachoul and The Palace Guards, and easy prey to Iago's manipulations. On top of all this Malcho has broken free of his arctic prison and finally tracked Iago down for revenge.

Aladdin has to learn to make his own decisions, and in the process he wins the loyalty of the guards and saves Iago from a grisly doom. Destiny On Fire Aladdin, Genie and the gang return from vacation to find their old nemesis, Aziz, has taken over Agrabah and turned its people into helpless slugs. The odds are stacked against our hero, but an uneasy alliance with Rasoul becomes an unstoppable force that no one can crush.

Together, they save the Sultan's throne, Princess Jasmine's life and Agrabah destiny. Love At First Sprite When Aladdin and Carpet zoom up higher than ever before, the encounter the Sprites, tiny, energetic creatures with child-like personalities. The constantly energetic sprites are very curious about Agrabah life, much to Aladdin and Jasmine's delight. The sprites use their magic to make out human heroes fly, which makes the sprites the center of attention.

Objetos escondidos

Carpet feels left out, as the gang has fun up in the stratosphere with the sprites. But when it's time to go home, the sprites refuse to let them leave! The Sands Of Fate While flying through the desert, Aladdin and the gang witness a battle between three magnificent horsemen and a gang of marauders. Seeing that the horsemen are outnumbered, Al tries to help, but before he can get there, the horsemen and marauders disappear!

Later, Fasir explains that they have witnessed one of the great mysteries of the desert - - The Riders Of Ramond, commissioned to deliver a magical cargo, were attacked by a band of fierce marauders. The magical cargo was tampered with, and the Riders are doomed to repeat their mission - - over and over again! Iago insists that "You can't change fate! That Stinking Feeling Aladdin learns to let Jasmine speak for herself when Uncouthma, a dull witted barbarian prince, arrives to court her. The Princess feels she's taken for granted and plays up to the barbarian to drive Al crazy, while he teaches Uncouthma the bizarre and fictitious dating rituals of Agrabah.

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Both realize they've been using Uncouthma, when, eager to please, the barbarian heads for the deadly "Forbidden Oasis" to retrieve its treasure. The Spice Is Right Aladdin unwittingly releases Ayam Ahgool, the wizard lord of the undead who seeks to make Jasmine next in his long line of skeleton wives. To defeat him, Al needs an ancient spice which Iago and Genie have sold for fortune, conning the townspeople about is alleged magical properties.