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When Scottish patriot, laird Connor Fraser sees her being attacked by two English soldiers, he kills one and wounds the other to protect her. Although he does not know her, when he learns she is to be executed for murdering the English soldier, he rescues her and takes her w Highland Legacy by BJ Scott is the compelling historical romance of Cailin Macmillan and laird Connor Fraser. Although he does not know her, when he learns she is to be executed for murdering the English soldier, he rescues her and takes her with him on his journey to meet Robert the Bruce, future king of Scotland.

To ensure her safety he marries her even though his allegiance and duty are to his king and he has no plans of taking a wife. Their gradual attraction and ultimate love is put to the test over and over as things beyond their control tear them apart and threaten their lives. Not only does Ms. Scott create a heart stirring romance, she also incorporates actual people from the time of William Wallace Braveheart and Scotland's King Robert the Bruce in such a way that you feel you are actually there witnessing events of history unfold.

The plot is layered with love, honor, betrayal and cruelty, and holds you fast throughout the story. The villain in the story is so totally deplorable that you want to cheer when the story ends with a happy ever after. I give this book 5 stars and recommend it to lovers of historical romance as well as those interested in Scottish history.

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Nov 22, Angeline Bishop rated it it was amazing. The debut novel of BJ Scott will captivate you the moment Cailin Macmillan, the feisty beauty with a fiery Jane Eyre-like temperament, enchants Connor Fraser, a strong-willed masculine Scottish highlander duty bound to keep her safe. This book was an emotional roller coaster ride that I never wanted to stop. I laughed, gasped, frowned, sighed and cried. This novel is filled with romance, secrets, sensuality, captivating dialogue, and a great villain to keep every character on their toes. Scott is a brilliant writer. The geographical descriptions and aesthetical features of this period piece made it a pleasure to read.

I highly recommend this debut novel to all fans of historical romance. I LOVED this endearing, passionate love story and I know readers will yearn for her next brilliantly set up installment. Jun 21, Maria rated it it was amazing. Excellent start to this series. I loved the fast pace of this story. Connor Fraser and Cailin were really strong characters. I loved Cailin's fortitude and determination. Connor suffers so much through his life along with his brothers, that it just all touches your heart.

I liked the fact that this Highland Romance was not too Vanilla. When I hear people whine about some sex in romances This is a full adult Highland Romance that has action and passionate love scenes. It was exceptional! I loved it and I look forward to the rest of the stories in this series. I congratulate the author in writing such a great story. Keep up the excellent writing! Jan 30, Barbara rated it really liked it. Loved the characters--even the evil ones were well written. Although it might not be historically accurate, the events were conceivable.

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The hero was my kind of highlander--a true hero and the heroine was gutsy and courageous--even if at times a bit negligent of her own safety. The book clips along at a fast pace, but is still detailed enough that you get to know the characters. I can't wait to read the stories of the other brothers. I would recommend this to anyone who loves medieval romance.

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Sep 29, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it liked it. This one wasn't all that bad. The heroine wasn't a complete simpering idiot, and while the hero was a pigheaded idiot most of the time, he had his sweet moments and came 'round in the end don't they all? The villain was a bit over the top. Still, the romance was sweet, the action fairly engaging. I'm not sure it's one I'd ever bother with again, but it didn't make me angry or bored, so I count th This one wasn't all that bad.

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I'm not sure it's one I'd ever bother with again, but it didn't make me angry or bored, so I count that as a slight win. Mar 28, Laura rated it really liked it. Characters are introduced that you expect to see in the other books. There are bits of factual history woven into the story but nothing overwhelming.

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The author also uses Gaelic through out the book. The romance is the usual heated attraction but denial due to past circumstances. Oddly the terrible table manners stood out the most to me. Dec 30, Barbi Davis rated it it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have wanted to read it for a long time. And it lived up to ALL my expectations. You are in the Highlands right along with them. If you like Suzan Tizdale books? You will love B. I couldn't put it down. And can't wait for the next book. Get ready to fall in love with the Fraser's!!

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I highly recommend this book!!!!! May 30, Ann Gonzalez rated it really liked it. Highland Legacy is an enjoyable Highlander romance. The book is full of action, suspense, and romance. There is sex, but it is tastefully written. Connor is the ultimate Highland hero that you instantly love. Cailin is the heroine that hates relying on others, but learns to do so. This is a book where you also like the side characters and want to know more. Luckily this is a series. Jan 10, Char Chaffin rated it it was amazing.

Excellent debut novel by this author. Highland Legacy offers two main characters who love wildly, live on the edge and understand they're meant to be together despite mounting adversity. Rich in historic detail and dialogue, the story will leave you wanting to spend more time in Ms. Scott's Highlands. Aug 03, Madre rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book. The story had several twists and turns which kept me intrigued and invested. The characters were believable and the story was well written. I will look for more books from this author. Dec 18, Maria rated it it was amazing.

This is the first book I read from this author and I have to say I really enjoyed the story. This the first book of The Fraser Brothers Trilogy. I will most definitely purchase the other books in this series.

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Aug 09, Becki rated it really liked it. Highland Legacy I enjoyed reading this book. It has a great wounded hero protecting his heart and a fearless heroine. After much strife and a few battles, they are able to make it home safely. I look forward to reading about the other brothers. Mar 08, Dorothy Wiley rated it it was amazing. I loved all three of B. Scott's books.