Gedanken eines Zweiflers (German Edition)

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There is no historical basis, no philosophical and no psychological urge that needs to explain their existence. Their existence is not the subject of any artistic agenda or coercion. They are neither echoes of the past nor a method of coping with its problems. They do not even arise from a socio-political necessity. There is only one reason: it is my language, the language which I have chosen to get in contact with this world, to communicate with people, and to confront the issues I see. It's my way, my contribution to what is happening in this world. I see the world and see what is happening.

I observe, reflect, and think about it and then find my own position. This creates a field of tension out of which my artistic endeavors develop. Sometimes, themes are brought to me but at other times they thrust themselves upon me. During special times, projects simply appear with a seemingly natural sense of necessity. I accept those tasks, problems, and questions in order to find new ways of addressing them. I also try to find new possibilities and new solutions using the media that are available to me.

This applies to art as well as to life. Michael Stoeber, a German art critic, described it thus: "The artist loves variety. He works faithfully to the Latin maxim :. Variatio delectat Variation delights. He hates one-dimensionality and repetition. He loves the constant new beginning, exalting in the experience of finding new conquests in art and life. Indeed, the range of artistic activities in which the studied sculptor has already proven himself is impressive and awe-inspiring. Hundrich is not only a sculptor, but also a painter, draftsman, photographer, filmmaker, choreographer, performance and installation artist, and an author of artists' books.

In beginning there are always sheets of paper and a pencil. Then, he includes people, spaces, and environments. At the end a new life is created for everyone involved, including participants and the audience. Daniel Priese, Stein. The work "Defence" exists of vertebras forming a closed circle. It is the evolution of the human spine into a non-flexible backbone.

It should be inevitable if the human race continues in the direction it is going. What kind of creature could live with this kind of spine is left to the imagination. It could be the last configuration before extinction. Harry Schumacher, Mixed Media, Holz. Three times the same muscle structure, two up and one upside down. Tough becomes vulnerable. The triptych is connected by wires.

For the Kunstschouw the prices are reduced. Harry Schumacher, Mixed Media, Kunstharz. A pillow is stuck in a branch, the features of a face appear like the pillow is suffocating someone.

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Maybe the extinction of mankind would mean the survival of the planet. Harry Schumacher, Holz, Textil. This work exists of a blackboard taken out of context. The void in the frame of the blackboard is fixed in an amateuristic way, providing some stability for now. Short term solutions and the lack of a long term vision. The branch needs blood by transfusion to survive. Harry Schumacher, Holz, Mixed Media. For the sculpture garden Ravesteyn a site specific work has been made. In memory of all the perished refugees at see a work about the dangerous journey.

For a lot of people it is not a choice, but a way of survival. The work exists of a small boat with a proportional huge figurehead to enforce a save journey. No woodcarving but an original tree to hold on to life itself.

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The boat is connected with the tree by bandages, with fists as a variation on the Hamsa protection with Nazar evil eye. The Hamsa are not suited for the weather influences and will drown. Harry Schumacher, Holz, Installation. The branch is just a hollow shell. On the back a structure wraps around it. Something can be added to acquire content.


Harry Schumacher was invited for a symposium in Trstenice in the Czech Republic. Thuringens Berge, zum Exempel, bringen Gewachs, sieht aus wie Wein, Ist's aber nicht ; man kann dabei nicht sin gen, Dabei nicht frohlich sein. Let with a wreath the brimming bpwl be crowned, And quaff the draught divine! Sir Topers, not in Europe to be found Is such another wine. Vitus fetch his wine 'Tis more than we will do. How could it else be generous and mild, Yet with such strength imbued?

Yet grows it not in all Germania's zones, And many a rock and hill, Are, like whilome the Cretans, barren drones, Not worth the place they fill.

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There groweth aught upon Thuringia's hills, They call it wine in vain, 'Tis not ; its juice, no heart with gladness fills, It wakes no vocal strain. Nor in the Erzgebirge need'st thou halt, If wine thou wouldst behold ; There's nought but ore of silver and cobalt, And eke some paltry gold.

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The Bloxberg is the German long-legged cit, He blusters but with sound ; Hence o'er him Nick and all his witches flit In giddy mazes round. Gesegnet sei der Ilhein! Da wachsen sie am Ufer hin, und geben Uns diesen Labewein! So trinkt ihn denn, und lasst uns alle Wege Uns freun und frohlich scin! Und wiissten wir, wo jemand traurig lage, Wir gaben ihm den Wein! Tis there upon the shore and mountain steep That grows this luscious wine. Then let us quaff it, let us every where E'er joy and mirth combine!

And if we knew a man, bow'd by despair, We'd give to him the wine.

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Tell me where the violets hide, Once so brightly glancing, Heralding the queenly pride Of the rose advancing! Lead me then unto the brook, Hound the violets dancing, Murmuring in shady nook, Through the vale advancing. No smiling morn awaked me, There shone no earthly day, Where, in the darkness shrouded, Unborn the infant lay ; As yet no bird had warbled To me affection's tune, But me hath he remembered Who made the sun and moon. He nodded, and I wakened Into existence blest, In life's first dawn of rapture Upon a mother's breast ; It was upon her bosom My little bed was made ; A fleeting night of anguish Was by my smile allayed.

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Then with a tear I hailed her, And in her lap was still, Saw sun and moon shine brightly, While Truth trained up my will. God's blessings were in fulness On bush and field iinpearled j My song of praise exalted The father of this world.

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The day may wane and vanish, The morn again appear; Where God's sweet breeze is waving, I'll trust, and will not fear ; And when myself to slumber The second night Fve laid, Then in his earth will gently My little bed be made. Then will my grave, O Father, Sweet flowers bring to thee ; The birds will praise thy goodness, Rejoicing over me. As on a mother's bosom A son of joy doth lie, Unknown to pain and sorrow, Thus lulled by hope shall I.

With hope no earthly wisdom Illumes death's gloomy night; Yet where thou art, man findeth E'er life, and love, and light. Creation's end thou viewest, And what thou'st made, the whole Within thy hand reposes: O God, receive my soul! Fluchtiger als Wind und Welle Flieht die Zeit; was halt sie auf?

Schneller Gang ist unser Leben, Lasst uns Rosen auf ihn streu'n. Rosen ; denn die Tage sinken In des Winters Nebelmeer. Rosen; denn sie bliihn und blinken Links und rechts noch um uns her. Rosen stehn auf jedem Zweige Jeder schonen Jugendthat. Wohl ihm, der bis auf die Neige Rein gelebt sein Leben hat. Time more swift than wind and billows Fleeth. Who can bid it stay? To enjoy it when 'tis present, To arrest it on its way, This, ye brothers, will the fleeting Of the winged days restrain ; Let us strew life's path with roses, For its glory soon will wane!