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The Roanoke House burning down after the death of Lee Harris. Ever since the second season, the mansion has been infamous for its gruesome and eerie history. It attracted fans to trespass the place to explore and vandalize it until a metal fence topped with barbed wire surrounded the place. A group called 'Spirit Chasers' decided to illegally trespass by cutting through the metal fence. They were teamed with Ashley Gilbert , totally skeptical about their surroundings. They began investigating around the room with a thermal meter, until when they were interrupted by the presence of Lee Miller, who was looking for her daughter, Flora.

She softly warned the group to leave this place, which they refuse to. The ghosts started killing the group, and shot arrows at the last 'Spirit Chasers' host, including the confused cops waiting outside and the innocent cameraman.

Meanwhile, Lee finally reached Flora , who confessed about sacrificing her life for Priscilla , in order to protect her from the Butcher's harm. Lee pleaded her to stay, and offered her life instead. They both agreed for Priscilla to shoot a willing Lee, before igniting the entire place on fire, the cops rescued an emotional Flora, and loitered outside witnessing the death of a place which was once a place of mysterious and gruesome events. But little did they know, the restless blood moon waited outside, with the Roanoke colony marching in the background.

The farmhouse has three bedrooms, two stories, and a basement. It also includes ten acres of forest around the house, but as protected area, it is non-building land. The exterior of the farm consists of ten acres of woodland. Surrounding the house, there is a dry garden with several pieces of scrap iron, an evident result of years of neglect.

There is a detached deck with a hot tub in the backyard. The entrance is a large hall with a round staircase in front of the main door.

31 Days of Horror, RJ Cinema

The main entrance is preceded by a portico. Following a home invasion, the entrance was covered with vines and anthropomorphic totems made of sticks hanging from the railing of the stairs and the ceiling. The basement is a large room with several shelves, furniture and odds and ends piled against the walls or crammed into rickety stacks.

Shelby and Lee were hiding in the basement during a home invasion at the house when they discovered the existence of disturbing footage shot by Elias. A large room with windows overlooking the front garden and a long table. The previously moldy walls were repainted by Shelby in the weeks following the move-in. Wide and empty and dark, the master bedroom has a king-size four-poster bed and a large window on one of the walls. A sitting area composed of vintage furniture and a library chock full of old books crammed on the shelves.

However, only some have been documented to have appeared to the living. Throughout the decades, numerous residents and owners have been forced against their will to face the horrors surrounding the house.

Property / C'struction

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. They were, after all made with the express intention of scaring their audience, and by and large they succeeded. They certainly demonstrate the way in which our horror tradition was quickly absorbed into our cultural fabric. A perhaps more chilling aspect of these films is that their victims are not killed by vampires, werewolves, man-made creatures, ghosts, demons or any other being of their ilk.

No, the fates of these poor unfortunates could easily befall each and every one of us: Death or injury by accident or misadventure. Annually, at least 14, people in England and Wales alone die in this manner, while over 30, suffer life changing injuries. Scary stuff, indeed. Meanwhile, all of us here would like to wish you a very good night. There was always the dangers of runaway farm animals — until the s every police station had a rifle to shoot them.

Apaches was the first movie that really gave me a huge scare.

Haunted Farmhouse Backdrop

Basically, she unwittingly drank weed killer probably loaded with ultra-deadly paraquat , when she meant to mime drinking it like the three surviving children two had been killed already, two more would follow in the next couple of days. And a few hours later, in the middle of that night, the poor girl woke up in surely excruciating pain, crying and screaming in agony and desperately calling for her mother, we learn the next morning that she died that night. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty.

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