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Dreams allow the unconscious mind to act out those unacceptable thoughts and desires. For this reason, his theory about dreams focuses primarily on sexual desires and symbolism.

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For example, any cylindrical object in a dream represents the penis, while a cave or an enclosed object with an opening represents the vagina. Therefore, to dream of a train entering a tunnel would represent sexual intercourse. According to Freud, this dream indicates a suppressed longing for sex. Freud lived during the sexually repressed Victorian era, which in some way explains his focus.

Still, he did once comment that, " Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. Carl Jung studied under Freud but soon decided his own ideas differed from Freud's to the extent that he needed to go in his own direction. He agreed with the psychological origin of dreams, but rather than saying that dreams originated from our primal needs and repressed wishes, he felt that dreams allowed us to reflect on our waking selves and solve our problems or think through issues.

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Desire is the one emotion, powerful enough, to inspire change.

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To receive juicy articles, information, and special offers , click below and subscribe to our mailing list! I acknowledge I have read and agreed to this Privacy Notice. The Endless are wave functions. The Endless are repeating motifs. The Endless are echoes of darkness, and nothing more And even our existences are brief and bounded.

None of us will last longer than this version of the Universe.

-- 18+ Dreams of desire -- [ Episode-1] -- HD Walkthrough gameplay

Some of the Endless are more dedicated to their tasks than others. The younger Endless, especially Desire, are known to play games with mortal lives. Destruction, often called "The Prodigal", abandoned his duties altogether. If one of the Endless is destroyed, then he or she will be replaced by another aspect of their role, but this does not occur if they are simply absent or inactive. In such cases, the aspect of existence supervised by that member of the Endless becomes more random and chaotic.

During this time the Universe may attempt to replace that member by putting some of their essence within a mortal, as it did with Wesley Dodds , who received a fraction of Dream's soul while Dream was imprisoned. All of the Endless have a realm in which they are absolutely sovereign.

Within their realm, all members of the Endless have a gallery containing symbols, or sigils , of the other Endless. The Endless may contact each other by holding the appropriate sigil and calling for that member of the Endless. Destiny is also able to summon his siblings by using his gallery of portraits, whether they want it or not as seen in The Sandman: Overture. In addition to overseeing their own sphere of influence, the Endless also help to define their own opposites. This dualistic aspect of the Endless has been confirmed in the case of Death, who is present at the beginning as well as the end of every life.

Destruction has an interest in creative pastimes, including art, poetry and cooking.

Dream seems to have some power to shape reality, as seen in The Sandman vol. Also, Delirium has some kind of strange logic that only makes sense to her, but that allows her to understand things that others do not. In The Sandman Overture , it was revealed that under some conditions, some Endless can fool other Endless by trickery and use some of their powers either directly or due to some specific kind of logic.

Indeed, Dream was capable of saving the dead Prez from Boss Smiley, while Death could not do it herself this is because Dream is also The Prince of Stories — which allows him some control over the afterlife. Desire was capable of posing as an aspect of Dream The Dream of Cats and create a dream Vessel that was supposedly created by Dream. It was convincing enough to fool both Destiny and Dream but not Delirium. The origin and exact nature of the Endless is unknown.

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Few hints are ever given in the series as to exactly why the Endless exist. They seem to be natural forces. They have at times been described as "a creation of the consciousness of living beings". The Endless are as old as the concepts that they represent. The Endless are said to be older than the fairyfolk, gods, and other supernatural beings.

Their exact ages in years are unknown, but they are known to have existed long before life on Earth; in Brief Lives , Destruction says that he has performed his duties—not counting the previous three centuries—for 10 billion years.

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In The Sandman vol. Dream states in The Sandman vol.