Delicious Pie Recipes for the Busy Home Cook

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Nothing says Thanksgiving like a slice of pumpkin pie.

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And you can relish every luscious bite of this version since the tender crust is made with a mere hint of canola oil and butter. Because my husband loves pumpkin pie, I've looked high and low for that "perfect" recipe.

But as soon as he tasted this tart, he told me to stop searching, declaring this the best he's ever tried! We make our own maple syrup, and that's what gives this pie its special taste. You might want to bake this for your Thanksgiving meal. I'm a fan of streusel topping, cream cheese desserts and pumpkin pie, so I combined them in one beautiful recipe.

Refrigerated pie crust and a muffin tin make it easy to create these delicious spiced pumpkin tartlets. Children love this pie—marshmallows make the filling light and fluffy.

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It's a quick and easy recipe that I've shared many times over the years. Since it doesn't need to bake, this pie comes in handy at Thanksgiving and Christmas when your oven is in demand. Instead of pumpkin pie, try this flavorful light holiday dessert.

My husband loves anything pumpkin, and this creamy, comforting pumpkin pudding recipe is one of his favorites. We make our easy pudding all year long, but it's especially nice in the fall. These bars taste like a cross between pumpkin pie and pecan pie—yum! If you can't find butter cake mix, yellow cake mix works. This recipe has wonderful maple flavor and is sure to be a hit at your fall get-togethers. This is traditional pumpkin pie I like the zesty orange taste of the sour cream topping paired with the pumpkin custard.

When I serve this pie, there's never any left, so you might want to make two! Here's my spin on praline pie.

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It has a nice crunch from the pecans, brightness from the orange zest, pop from the cranberries and richness from the cream cheese. The gingersnap crust forms a spicy-sweet foundation. My family always asks for these cupcakes once fall starts. We just love the flavors of cinnamon and cloves—the shining stars in this dessert.

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This was one of my mom's favorite pie recipes. She was a great cook and was always generous with her recipes, yet she rarely shared this special one.

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The first time my husband and two daughters tried this dessert, they thought it was delicious. It has all of the spicy pumpkin goodness of the traditional pie without the fuss of a pastry crust. The fluffed filling in this mouthwatering pie forms beautiful peaks and is nutmeg-colored. Rich and creamy, this popular dessert tastes so good with its buttery graham cracker crust.

They cut through the tartness of the rhubarb and add a bit of sweetness. These Cajun Shrimp Foil Packs can be on your dinner table in 20 minutes from start to finish. Packed with Cajun flavor and loaded with veggies and shrimp this easy dinner is sure to delight. Best part? Barely any clean up! Cajun Shrimp Foil Packs Do you ever come home from a busy day at work and just want to enjoy something both easy and bursting with flavor?

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Well in my world there's no reason you should have to sacrifice either for the other! Just throw in whatever veggies you have lying around the fridge, some butter, and lots of Cajun spice and you're ready to go! I'm back with another grilling recipe because summer is quickly running away from me and I want to advantage of it for as long as I can.