A Rehabilitation of Says Law

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He argues that Keynes is responsible for a fundamental misunderstanding of classical — and in fact all pre-Keynesian — economics, which has disfigured mainstream macroeconomics since This is no small reproach, but Kates makes his point in a well-documented and convincing way. I consider this book required reading for macroeconomists as well as historians of economic thought and intellectual historians.

A work of true scholarship and thought-provoking content. You may disagree with Kates, but you cannot easily dismiss him.

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On the contrary, far from dismissing slumps as impossibilities, they stressed their occurrence. They differed from Keynes only in denying that demand failure could be the cause.

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A convincing and authoritative account. And not simply was Keynes wrong about the classics but in making legitimate the concept of aggregate demand failure — and quite parentless the law of markets — the consequence of Mr Keynes has been ruinous for theory and policy alike. No other source throws as much light on these more-recent writings or examines them more systematically. He has written an animated and stimulating book.

A rehabilitation of Say's law

He has written a book that treats with fresh handsome well known materials. It is a pleasure to read, and a gift to its field. Contents: Introduction 1. Say, James Mill and Robert Torrens 3.


David Ricardo 4. John Stuart Mill 5. Critics of the Modern Interpretation Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Index.

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A parliamentary probe into the provision of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in rural and regional New South Wales is being labelled as 'long overdue' by the state's law community. The Upper House has settled the terms of reference for the inquiry that would drill into the number of treatment beds and services available specifically for amphetamine and 'ice' addictions. Committee chair Greg Donnelly stressed that visiting communities affected by drug and alcohol abuse was paramount. The increased number of drug-related deaths in regional and rural areas, including from the drug 'ice', has prompted the inquiry.

The Dubbo community in western NSW had been lobbying for more residential rehabilitation services for years. The feasibility for a drug court in the regional city was being examined by the department of justice, but it was not clear where the investigation was currently.

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Mr Nicholson said he dealt with many people coming before the courts who would have been better off under a specialised court that had rehabilitation services to complement it. Topics: drugs-and-substance-abuse , rehabilitation , state-parliament , dubbo , sydney , nsw. More stories from New South Wales. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

Is Say's Law BULLSH*T??

Read about our editorial guiding principles and the standards ABC journalists and content makers follow. Learn more. By political reporter Stephanie Dalzell. Not all supermarket food items have health star ratings, but new research has helped fill in the blanks. Take this quiz to find out what's healthy and what's not. The secret, it turns out, might not be so much about learning to be funny, but returning to being funny. By environment reporter Nick Kilvert.

A tiny species of ungulate that resembles a miniature deer has been caught on camera for the first time, more than 30 years after the last dead specimen was recorded. By Paige Cockburn. As a firestorm swept through the northern NSW town of Torrington, causing ammunition and gas bottles to explode around them, Linda Birch huddled with her neighbours, accepting she was probably going to die. ABC Western Plains. Photo: The Dubbo community is lobbying for more rehabilitation services for those with drug addictions. Related Story: 'That's my breakfast': Inside the country towns hooked on prescription drugs.

From ABC Western Plains Tensions between Rex, Dubbo council hit new highs as sensational letter distributed to thousands Two separate weather systems double the chance of rain in the east 'It's very grim': Macquarie Marshes wetland on fire and massive flush the only way to save it Asthma on the rise as more dust storms blow across drought affected NSW buyfromthebush calls on city consumers to help keep small-town shops open 'Emu plucker' avoids jail time after guilty plea to animal cruelty in viral social media video 'Massive relief': Government to cart water into dry town.

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